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Routine as a route through lockdown

Routine is important for most human beings. Generally we need it to function effectively and since Covid-19 has deprived us of much of our daily structure, especially for those of us whose work opportunities are currently significantly restricted, I believe it’s important to maintain some structure in this ‘Groundhog Day’ environment. Rather than stare into the abyss of yet another day with no real 'shape', building regular, timed slots in the diary for activities like walking the dogs, Zoom and telephone chats, stretching routines and online research or study has certainly helped for me.

The importance of routine and order in lockdown has also been reinforced by my clients - as we revert to Zoom for regular fitness sessions - with comments such as “thank you for helping me stay sane during lockdown” and “at least we have something to look forward to”. So, in addition to maintaining their physical fitness levels and mental wellbeing, the regular fitness sessions in the diary help provide structure and create a point of focus to further support the journey through lockdown.

My message is not to shy away from routine. Although the word can have mundane connotations, by creating predictable, repetitive routines we can significantly reduce stress and anxiety. Taking some time to create structure and build daily and weekly milestones into your diary can really make a positive difference in helping us through these stressful and challenging times.

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