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“Having lost muscle tone and strength in my legs and core following a leg break and hip replacement over recent years, I needed a therapist who could help me recover these elements, and also regain more flexibility and overall confidence in my physical movement. Julian has shown great understanding and empathy with my situation, and the programme he has devised combining strength and conditioning training with soft tissue treatment and mobility exercise is really paying dividends for me.”


“I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease in 2017 and learned quickly that exercise is key to try and maintain good muscle and joint health and slow the advance of the condition The prescriptive programme of strength and conditioning exercises Julian has developed for me (including boxing) has had measurable benefits in maintaining both my physical and mental health. I really I look forward to our weekly sessions.”


“I've always enjoyed exercise and keeping fit, even as far back as my school days I was the netball captain and games captain.  When I left school I didn’t stop exercising, I played hockey, badminton and squash, did circuit classes and more latterly spinning and weight training.  I am very self-motivated, but sometimes I can get stuck in a bit of a rut when my routine becomes very ‘samey’.  When this happens, I lose the enjoyment factor. This is where Julian has stepped in to help, he has re-ignited a great fun element back into my workouts with boxing pad-work sessions he has tailored to my requirements and my un-yielding right hook ha ha. I so look forward to this, I get a great cardio workout and Julian makes it great fun too.”              


"Julian has significantly helped my rehab following a cycling accident 18 months ago when I damaged my hip flexors. His massage and stretching programme have helped speed my recovery to full strength and power on the bike." 


“Julian’s over 45s circuits have really helped improve my overall fitness, muscle strength and core stability. His classes allow me to work at my own pace in a relaxed, fun environment with a group of like-minded people and he’s always offering positive support and advice”


“As an active member of the armed forces, it’s important for me to stay in peak physical condition. I have regular massage treatment from Julian to treat specific issues, speed up recovery from demanding training activities and as ongoing maintenance to reduce tension and keep my muscles in the best possible condition. After having developed some severe issues with my back, hips and tension causing stress in my legs effecting my balance and ability to perform at 100% I reached out to Julian. He has helped to fix these issues and massively increase my recovery allowing me to work and live comfortably without pain or burden. I’d definitely recommend Fitter Longer.”


"Julian’s circuits fit well into my active lifestyle and fitness programme. The Monday night sessions provide a great blend of exercise and his approach has built a real rapport and camaraderie within the group, which makes all the hard work fun! His advice on stretching and strengthening activity also helps me with conditioning for specific muscle and joint issues"

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