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Locked down for a stretch?

If you're working from home as a result of the coronavirus lockdown, you're likely to find yourself in unfamiliar surroundings, using your computer on a fixed height table and sat on a chair without the adjustable settings you're used to in your office environment. This forced change in posture

can give rise to tension and stiffness in your neck and shoulder muscles, so you need to remember to 'reset' periodically to help reduce the impact. You can do this using the acronym RAMS: Review - your posture in terms of your seating position, Adjust - by straightening your back, drawing your shoulders back and taking some deep breaths to address any forward 'slump', Move - step away from your desk and stretch your legs for a few minutes at least every couple of hours, Stretch - try the three simple stretches in the video using the link below two or three times each day.

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