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Chair massage can relieve mental stress and physical tension

According to the most recent government statistics, every year around 9.5 million working days are lost as a result of musculoskeletal problems. Many of these are related to lower back, neck and shoulder pain from time spent by employees working in sedentary roles, seated at computers.

In today's business climate, where companies expectations of hard-working staff are greater than ever, it's increasingly in a company's interests to provide benefits which contribute towards the wellbeing of their employees.

Health-related employee programmes can support businesses in a number of ways by:

• Energising and motivating the workforce

• Improving overall staff fitness levels

• Relieving stress and anxiety

• Reducing absenteeism

• Attracting new talent and increasing staff retention

Components of a programme can address both physical and mental wellbeing and typically include services such as: yoga and pilates classes; group circuit training; one-to-one mindfulness sessions; anxiety and stress counselling and chair massage treatments. Services can be provided free of charge or at a subsidised rate for employees to encourage participation.

More and more businesses are adopting a blended 'mix and match'style approach to staff wellbeing programmes to optimise the mental and physical health of their most valuable resource to help keep them as fit for business as possible.

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