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Fitness means different things to different people.


As we get older, we’re not all looking to train for an Iron Man or develop a perfect six-pack. For some of us, especially as we reach our forties and beyond, getting fit might simply mean improving our ability to perform the activities of our daily lives or leading a more active and healthy lifestyle. 


I’m passionate about helping people improve their fitness levels, muscle health and mobility. My starting point is to understand your health and fitness goals, and then to work with you to achieve these in a way that’s most appropriate for you; sometimes just a few small changes to your exercise and diet regime can make a huge difference and generate some great results.  

Fitter Longer provides the following services: 

  • Soft tissue therapy, including deep tissue massage and sports massage

  • Remedial treatment for lower back, neck and shoulder pain

  • Medical acupuncture  

  • One-to-one and group fitness training

  • Seated mobility exercise classes for seniors 

  • Specialist rehab exercise post Covid-19, hip and knee replacement surgery

  • 'Fit for Business' corporate programmes, including chair massage, circuit training and bespoke fitness activity 

  • Nutritional advice 


Setting and understanding goals is important to ensure measurable progress towards them. 


I aim to help clients achieve their health and fitness goals and enjoy associated benefits by providing bespoke exercise programmes and appropriate soft tissue therapy treatments. 

I also believe exercise should be enjoyable and try to instill an element of fun into my one-to-one and group sessions - the more enjoyable you can make it, the greater the commitment and the results.   

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Complete the contact form above or call 07956 428810 for more information or to arrange a consultation. Massage treatments are either in the treatment room in the BEJSC at the Bourne End Academy or at your home, if preferred.

Fitter Longer, Trenake, Hedsor Road, Bourne End SL8 5DN

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